"The purpose of this Fellowship shall be to provide an opportunity for students at Princeton University to enjoy Christian fellowship one with another, to bear united witness to the faith of its members in the whole Bible as the inspired Word of God and to encourage other students to take, with them, a definite stand for Christ on the Campus." - A.G. Fletcher Jr. '38, first president of PCF

All PCF activities are open and welcoming to any student at the university.  Anyone who wishes to become a student or alumni member of PCF affirms these basic convictions:

Doctrinal Statement

  1. We accept the whole Bible as the inspired Word of God, the supreme authority in respect to faith and practice.
  2. We declare our faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God, as our personal Redeemer and our Savior, our Lord and our God.
  3. We believe that all men and women in their natural state are lost and in need of salvation through Jesus Christ (John 14:6; Romans 3:23, 6:23; Acts 4:12).
  4. It is our purpose, relying on the strength of the Holy Spirit, to obey and to serve Christ, according to the Scriptures.

The outworking of the PCF doctrinal commitments is expressed through our core values, our core purpose, and our vision:

Our Core Values

  • Mature, godly leadership
  • Sound doctrine
  • Faith
  • Community
  • Service

Our Core Purpose

  • We seek to make disciples at Princeton University who are
    • Surrendered to the Lordship of Christ
    • Submissive to the authority of Scripture
    • Dependent upon the grace of God
    • Devoted to God's people
    • Equipped to serve others
    • Eager for the salvation of the lost
  • And to provide them with ongoing care as alumni

Our Vision

  • We seek to be an organization
    • that excels in discipling university students
    • that embodies humble service
    • that becomes "family" to students during their time at Princeton
    • that fosters evangelism as a way of life
    • that is devoted to prayer